A lot of people have to take notes, so here’s the absolute magic way to take them.

While writing notes, take a piece of paper and divide it in half. On one side of the paper is a question, on the other side is the answer. That way you can cover up the “answer” side and your notes double as Flashcards, which are proven to be one of the single most effective ways of learning.

From a BBC article on which learning methods are proven effective, vs those proven ineffective:


  • Elaborative interrogation — being able to…

This post is going to take an 80/20 approach to learning Data Science. The Pareto princible states that roughly 80% of your results will come from 20% of your effort.

Many people report serious spiritual experiences under the influence of psychedelics like DMT, Mushrooms, LSD.

But these effects are very short lived, as well as a-hem… potential legal issues. This article does not suggest the use of psychadelics but will assert an alternative, more sustainable way to get these effects, without psychadelics or meditation. Although meditation is still highly reccomendedon top of everything else. But to reiterate, it is possible to get those effects permanently and without having a psychadelic experience 24/7 all day. We do not agree that life is suffering. …

This video series is a great introduction on basic neurochemistry. The topic comes up so much that I figured it deserved it’s own thread. These videos are from an old friend I don’t speak to anymore, Dr. Loretta Breuning, PhD. She wrote a number of cool book on the subject too.

A good slideshow on the topic:

Meet Your Happy Chemicals: Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin, Oxytocin

Another good talk:

A little more in depth:

The Functional Neuroanatomy of Pleasure and Happiness

Jordan B. Peterson —Talks at Harvard: Postmodernism & the Mask of Compassion

With the sudden meteoric fame regarding the work of Dr. Jordin Peterson, many questions have been raised regarding his credentials in the academic community.

Is he a well respected academic, or just some pop psychology hooligan using the name of academia to further his selfish interests.

In terms of education Peterson seems to have a relatively impressive track record. He was accepted into, and studied at the University of Alberta and later McGill University, which are considered two of the best/most prestigious universities in Canada (Source: Times Higher Education, IDP, US News.) He also had a 5 year associate professorship…

What is Data Science, and why should you care?

The world is changing. All sorts of new technology is on the horizon. Ever wonder how Amazon knows exactly what books you might like? How Pinterest figures out which ‘pins’ might interest you. How Apply Music or Spotify finds new songs that you absolutely fall in love with. How do these machines all this out? How are our devices becoming so intelligent? The answer is Data Science.

We now have the ability to track every click, swipe, ‘like,’ and repost that we want.

Within this data is enormous insights about consumer…

Addiction is one of the most commonly misunderstood phenomenons that humans deal with in a regular basis.

We used to believe that addiction was simply a problem with willpower. That if people just tried hard enough, the cycle would eventually break itself. That people have choices and they just need to be strong and resist the urge. Today we know there’s much more to it than that and depending on the drug, as little as 4% of addicts are able to quit via willpower alone. And who do still deal with significant problems which are the same ones that lead…

Why do people choose one political party over the other? Well there are many aspects (such as theories regarding personality traits) but this article takes a differing view, although both are likely correct. But to understand the point of this article, let’s take a look at the 2012 election results broken up by county

There’s a lot of talk about brain training these days. “Brain gym” apps and other cognitive enhancers.

Problem is, the science says most of them don’t work and companies like Luminosity are coming under fire for making claims not supported by science.

While those dont work, here are a few that do:

Dual N-Back

Working Memory is the undisputed king of cognitive performance. Research shows that working memory is a better predictor of academic performance and overall life success than even IQ.

Source: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Psychology Today

Dual N-Back Training:

The participants were then assigned to either a control…

When people pick up a Personal Devolopment book, there is often one thing on their mind. Cold hard cash. Yet, for many Personal Development authors, this is a subject they often beat around the bush in regards to. It’s often considered a taboo and seen as something people shouldn’t want.

People are quick to spout clichés such as “Money can’t buy happiness,” or “Money is the root of all evil,” which are two statements that the data seems to disagree with. In terms of happiness, income has been found to be positively associated with life satisfaction scores, general well-being, and…

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